General Information 

• Our Practice/Gameday Physical Distancing Guidelines are the minimum baseline of what
teams must abide by to participate in Woodinville Baseball Club (WBC) practices, league
games and tournaments. If fields or government/health officials require stricter guidelines,
they must be adhered to

• These guidelines for Phases 1 and 2 are based on protocols, rules and recommendations
from State of Washington and King County

• Above all else, we expect our coaches, players and families to follow all state and county
rules and guidelines related Covid-19

• WBC will be following the Healthy Washington Roadmap to Recovery which can be found

–  This details what the restrictions are within phases and what metrics must be met for
regions to move to the next phase

Team Supplies 

• Each team will be provided a safety kit that includes the following:
–    General Use Disposable Face Masks
•  Participants are expected to bring their own, but the team can provide one if needed
–   Alcohol based hand sanitizer
•  To be used before and after activities

Daily Screening Procedure

• Every person involved with a club event must perform a self-check for any symptoms
–    Daily symptom Screening
•   Fever of 100.4 or greater
•   Chills or repeated shaking with chills
•   Fatigue not attributed to another condition or event
•   Upper respiratory symptoms(runny nose, congestion or sneezing) that you
cannot contribute to another health condition such as allergies
•   Loss of taste or smell
•   Cough
•   Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
•   Chest tightness
•   Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
•   Muscle or body aches not attributed to a specific activity or exercise

• Stay home if sick or if close contact with someone with COVID-19
–    League Participants, including athletes, coaches, umpires, spectators and any other
volunteer or paid staff must stay away from all League Activities upon any of the
following circumstances:
1.  The Club Participant tests positive for Covid-19;
2.  The Club Participant experiences Covid-19 symptoms;
3.  The Club Participant feels ill, without any Covid-19 symptoms;
4.  The Club Participant has been in close contact with a person who as tested positive
for Covid-19; or
5.  The Club Participant has been in close contact with a person who has Covid-19
symptoms but has secured a negative test result.

• Stay home if sick or if close contact with someone with COVID-19

• Those who are excluded from Club Activities under these circumstances must follow
King County isolation and quarantine guidance before returning to League Activities.

• Coaches should also track what players are participating in what activities (ideally through
TeamSnap\TeamManager) for ease of contract tracing in the event of a sickness

Masks and Face Coverings

• At this time, masks are required by all participants at all times

• To wear a mask means to have a cloth covering, including neck gator, closely fitted over
the wearer’s nose and mouth

Player Equipment

Players must only use their own equipment, including helmet, hats, bats, batting gloves,
fielding gloves and catcher’s equipment.  Players must not share any equipment except,
bats may be shared if wiped down after each use or if players sharing the bat are all wearing
batting gloves.


• Players should set their equipment six feet apart along the fences

• Families should drop off players at practice with coaching staff and maintain a safe distance
from the event

• All participants should wash their hands with soap or hand sanitizer before participating in
any league activity and again at the end of the event

• Practice drills, including forming lines should optimize physical distancing between participants

• All participants should wear a mask at all times except when getting a drink and should be
socially distanced when doing so


• Games/Scrimmages will only happen once our region reaches Phase 2

• All practice recommendations for players carryover to games(masks/socially distanced/
not sharing equipment)

• In Phase 2, spectators are allowed but must maintain social distancing and wear masks
(max 200, including players)

COVID-19 Return to Play

• Guidelines for returning to play for players/coaches/umpires/volunteers who have had
symptoms, been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or they
themselves have tested positive:
–  For anyone who becomes ill, they may resume activity:
•   10 days since symptoms first appeared and
•   24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and
•   Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving(symptoms like loss of taste and smell
may persist for months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation
•   10 days after a positive test if an individual tested positive but was asymptomatic

–  In the case of a sever infection (inpatient or observation hospital treatment)
•   Requires MD clearance and negative COVID-19 test
•   OR stay home 20 days after onset of symptoms and completed all treatment, and
more than 24 hours clear of any fever (without fever reducing medication)

–  If one player/coach/volunteer reports a positive test, the team members and coaching staff
exposed to the individual must pause play and quarantine according to the CDC guidelines
•   Pause play and quarantine for 10 days without testing
•   Or for 7 days after receiving a negative test result on day 7 (test must occur on day 5
or later)


• If parents, coaches or players have any concerns regarding their personal health and safety,

they should alert the club of concerns and avoid club events

• The guidelines and recommendations listed above may change due to updated local public health,
Washington State, CDC or Seattle Elite guidance, recommendations or best practices.

To download a copy of the Return to Play COVID-19 Guidelines, click here.

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