Board of Directors


Jeff Young


The President supervises all operations of the baseball teams related to team governance and organization,
including attracting coaches and general managers.

Tyler Hennessy


The Vice-President provides direct support to the President and acts on behalf of the President in his/her absence.

Open Position


The Treasurer receives and is accountable for all funds belonging to the Club He/she pays all obligations incurred by the Club, maintains bank accounts in depositories designated by the Treasurer, conducts annual audits and prepare tax returns, and render periodic financial reports.

Sarah Koehler


The Secretary keeps accurate records for the Board and for the Club, including but not limited to, maintaining a file of the organizational Club records including bylaws and meeting minutes; maintaining player and coach rosters; maintaining a calendar of important Club dates; and securing annual player insurance.


Michael Regan

Web Master

The Web Master is responsible for preparing and maintaining the Club's web-page. This web-page includes, but is not limited to, the mission statement of the Club, contact information for the Club, information on the Board of Directors, information on teams, including game and player statistics, registration information, field directions and the Club calendar.

Open Position

Equipment and Uniform Coordinator

The Equipment and Uniform Coordinator is responsible for acquiring and distributing all equipment and uniforms, including official baseball rulebooks for coaches and First Aid kits. Equipment is issued to team coaches/managers only, and shall be collected from coaches/managers at the
end of the season.

Open Position

Fields Coordinator

The Fields Coordinator is responsible for reserving all necessary fields for all scheduled practices and games, and maintaining the comprehensive Club schedule for practices and games.

Open Position

Parent Representative

The Parent Representative is responsible for:
• Getting family members input on proposals for the Board
• Raising issues to be addressed by the Board
• Communicating essential information back to families
• Assisting with General Manager and family follow up as needed
• The Parent Representative will be appointed by the General Manager for each team (i.e., this is not an elected position).