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Woodinville Baseball Club

  • Our Practice/Gameday Physical Distancing Guidelines are the minimum baseline of what teams must abide by to participate in Woodinville Baseball Club (WBC) practices, league games and tournaments. If fields or government/health officials require stricter guidelines, they must be adhered to.
  • These guidelines for Phases 2 and 3 are based on protocols, rules and recommendations from State of Washington and King County
  • Above all else, we expect our coaches, players and families to follow all state and county rules and guidelines related Covid-19
  • Social distancing of 6 feet apart should remain a priority
  • It is encouraged that players do not ride share during Phases 2 and Phase 3

Required for Teams

  • A printed copy of these guidelines to be on hand with the coach and team rep always. Once games resume, a copy will be posted in the dugout.
  • An alcohol-based hand sanitizer (greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol) is recommended by the CDC. We always recommended each player have their own bottle of hand sanitizer with them.
  • Disinfectant wipes and/or spray to clean poles and benches

Required for Players

  • Personal Water Bottle – sharing will not be allowed
  • Personal Hand Sanitizer – to use as needed before/during/after team activities
  • Players will be responsible to remove all personal items/trash from facility
  • Bring all necessary baseball equipment
  • Personal Mask or face covering in case it is needed

Pre-Practice or Pre-Game

  • Any coach, player or family member feeling sick or with a temperature greater than 100.4 WILL STAY HOME
  • Upon arrival, the coach/team rep is responsible to ensure:
    • All players & coaches wash / sanitize their hands
    • Gates, benches, poles, etc. are all sanitized
  • Practices & Pre-game warmups – players will remain 6 feet apart
  • Pre-game plate meeting
    • Coaches & umpires stay 6+ feet apart to discuss game rules
    • Umpires review guidelines at home plate with both teams


  • In Phase 2.0 Maximum of 5 players with one coach in separate parts of the field, separated by a buffer zone
  • Maintain 6+ feet between players as much as possible during practice
  • No congregating in dugouts or on benches, maintain 6+ feet distance
    • Parents/Family must not congregate on the sidelines during practice
  • Refrain from all physical contact (no shaking hands, no fist bumps, etc.)

Games (Phase 3)

  • Maximum of 5 players/coaches in dugout at one time
    • On offense – dugout is used to prepare for at-bats
    • On defense – players can be in dugout unless there are more than 5 players/coaches
    • Players not in the dugout congregate outside of dugout – remaining 6 feet apart
      • Suggested spots: bleacher area, lined up outside fence along foul line, bullpen area
  • Celebrations will not include physical contact
  • Total gathering at any one game cannot exceed 50 individuals per field

Umpires / Game Officials

  • Remain 6 feet from players when possible
  • Plate umpire – masks & gloves are strongly recommended


  • No post-game handshakes – find alternate ways to acknowledge opponents (hat tip, etc.).
  • Coach / team rep will sanitize gates, benches, poles, etc. after all players leave
  • If another game follows at same site, exit the facility quickly.
  • Games times should be spaced out to allow time for all pre/post-game protocol.
  • Coaches for next game must follow all pre-game sanitization protocol
  • Players and fans must wait until all participants from the previous game have exited the facility before entering

Fans Attending Games (in Phase 3)

  • Fans who choose to stay for games must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • No sitting in the bleachers or bleacher area – that is designated for players and coaches
    • Fan area will be down the foul line fences (beyond the bases) and behind the outfield fence
    • All fans will bring their own chairs and sit or stand a minimum of 6 feet apart – practicing social distancing guidelines
  • Exception for those that live in the same household

Participation Requirements

  • All players and a parent/guardian who participate in WBC practices, games and tournaments will need to sign a liability waiver surrounding COVID-19 protocol.

Miscellaneous Guidelines

  • No sunflower seeds, gum, spitting allowed for players, coaches, or game officials
  • Players are not allowed to go to their mouth to improve grip on the ball
  • All participants required to provide their own

wbc return to play guidelines june 2020.pdf

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